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Divorce Rate in Singapore

Divorce rate in Singapore is about 10%, which means that 1 out of 10 marriages end up in divorce. Comparing the divorce rate in Singapore with other countries we see that the divorce rate in Singapore is quite less than some other developed countries:

Divorce rate per 1,000 population:

    Current Divorce Rates in Singapore

  • Thailand: 0.58
  • China: 0.79
  • Singapore: 0.8
  • Korea: 0.88
  • Finland: 1.85
  • Canada: 2.46
  • Australia: 2.52
  • New Zealand: 2.63
  • Denmark: 2.81
  • United Kingdom: 3.08
  • Russia: 3.36
  • Puerto Rico: 4.47
  • US: 4.95

So the divorce rates in Thailand is about 16.16% of the divorce rates in USA.

In Singapore, the rates of divorce are relatively very low. The marriages that take place in the same ethnic group are less likely to fail as compared to the marriages that are inter ethnic. In 1980s, the rates of divorce in the Malays dropped down while it followed an upward trend for different ethnic groups. During 1987, the number of marriages that took place in Singapore were about 23,404 and the number of divorces in Singapore were around 2,708. These figures indicate that there were about 115 divorces in every 1,000 marriages.

The above mentioned statistical figures include 4,465 marriages as per the Muslim Law Act and there were about 796 number of divorces under this act. This means that the Muslim divorce rate was 178 divorces in every 1,000 Muslim marriages. As per the Women's Charter, the total number of marriages amounted to 18,939, while the divorces under this law stood at 1,912 indicating 100 divorces for every 1,000 marriages.

In the Malay families, there were divorces that took place promptly, while in some Indian and Chinese families, divorce was handled in an informal manner. This is because in case of Indian as well as Chinese families, the social stigma of getting divorced was quite high and the legal barriers for separation also very high.

In majority of the divorce cases in Singapore, the main contributing factor to the divorce was the fact that the husband was not willing to contribute for the maintenance of the household. This build up the grounds for divorce or legal separation in most marriages in Singapore.

Divorce Key Indicators - 2006 to 2011

Total Marriages and Divorce200620072008200920102011
Number of Marriages23,70623,96624,59626,08124,36327,258
Number of Divorces & Annulments6,9047,1107,1347,2807,3387,604
General rate of marriage for males (age: 15 - 44 years)44.143.843.943.639.443.7
General rate of marriage for females (age: 15 - 44 years)42.742.641.941.137.241.4
General rate of divorce for males (age: 20 years and above)
General rate of divorce for females (age: 20 years and above)
Crude Marriage Rate (Per 1,000 resident population)
Crude Divorce Rate (Per 1,000 resident population)
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