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Divorce Rate in Russia

Russia ranks on the top as far as the divorce rates are concerned in 2012. Russia has about 5.30 percent divorce rates. Reasons cited for the marriages ending in divorce include unfaithful couples or lack of loyalty. In Russia, one of the drawback in marriages is that women do not get the necessary amount of freedom as well as the status that they deserve leading to inequality in treatment. Women in Russia are responsible to run the family and meet all the household expenses which becomes quite difficult. This is one of the common reasons why women head for a legal separation as they wish to get away from the family burden and responsibilities and thus separate from their husbands.

Majority of the divorce cases registered in Russia are due to men's behavior in general. The men in Russia abuse their wives, they are unfaithful and leave all the household and parental responsibilities on the women. This kind of behavior displayed by the men is the main reason for the rising divorce rates in Russia.

The state of marriage in Russia is quite miserable and can be debated on. In 2007, the rate of divorce, that is, the amount of divorces per 1,000 population, was 4.8. The same rate in European Union stands at around 0 to 3.3. Thus Russia is comparatively on a higher side as far as divorce rates are concerned. The average length of the marriages that end in divorce in Russia is 9.4 years and this is quite low compared to the average length for European Union that stands at 10.6 to 16.8 years.

There are certain historical considerations, as a result of which, the Russian law is in favor of simple divorces. The Russian law does need to grant divorce when the marriage is broken down in an irretrievable manner; a divorce can be granted if a simple statement of irreconcilable difference is passed by the married couple seeking divorce.

When both the parties involved in marriage reach an agreement for getting divorce and do not possess any minor children, there is a out-of-court settlement that can be followed which is quite simple. The parties can register the case at the state office of civil registrations (ZAGS) and get the divorce. In cases other than this one, the divorce needs to be granted by the order of the court.

The Russian Court holds jurisdiction in cases of divorce when either party tends to be a Russian citizen, the respondent happens to be a Russian resident or possesses some property on the Russian territory, or the plaintiff happens to be residing in Russia.

An out-of-court divorce in Russia is typically granted in a month's time. The court's procedure takes around three months. However, when there is no major dispute or disagreement over property or with regards to children, the divorce process generally ends within a period of six months.

A husband is not permitted to file for divorce when the wife is pregnant or within a period of one year post the child's birth without the consent of the wife.

Russia showed the highest divorce rates in the world in 2010, as per the UN figures. Both the central as well as the regional authorities are trying to promote family stability in Russia in the recent years in an attempt to fight both the demographic crisis as well as the shockingly rising child abuse rates.

Family dissolution because of widowhood as well as divorce has undergone a major change over the last several years. In earlier times, death of the spouse was one of the main reasons for family dissolution in case of elderly people. However, in case of the younger population,this particular factor is less significant. On the contrary, the chances of divorce have risen drastically. At the start of the century, the rates of divorce as well as the absolute divorce numbers were quite negligible. Later on, they started to rise rapidly.

From the late 1970s, the rates of divorce have been quite stable at about 4 divorces for every 1,000 population. Since 1990 there's a rapid rise in divorce rates in Russia.

2002 to 2012 Russia Divorces and Marriages Data

Marriages and Divorces in Russia, 1950-1994

YearMarriages (in thousands)Divorces (in thousands)Marriage Rate (per 1,000 population)Divorce Rate (per 1,000 population)
19851389.4574.0 9.74.0
19861417.5579.4 9.84.0
19901319.9559.9 8.93.8
19911277.2597.9 8.64.0
19931106.7663.3 7.54.5

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