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Divorce Rate in France

Like many other western countries, the divorce rate in France is on a high. It is said that one out of every two marriages in France end in a divorce. This alarming rate of divorce has led the government and other official authorities take some good measures to reduce the ever growing rate of divorce. The government has joined hands with a few associations and also come up with the idea of presenting wedding kits for the couples to be more responsible towards performing that duties and knowing their rights in a marriage. The sacred union of a marriage that does not last too long in a the developed nations is a point of worry. France, although not a nation with the highest divorce rate in the west, it is still taking measure to make sure that the rate of divorce is reduced in the coming years.

In France only around 50 marriages are performed in a year among 10,000 citizens. The average age of marriage is also on a rise in the west, which is 30 for men and for the women it is 28. The average age when a woman gives birth to her first child is 30. The alarming fact is that around 7.5 m citizens of France are single. 1 m among them are divorced and the others are just drifting away from marriage, reducing the marriage rate each year. In the last two decades the number of unmarried couples have been determined to about 2 m. Most couples don't get married and live together, whereas 40 to 50% of the couples cohabit for at least 2 years before getting married.

The divorce rate on the other hand has been on a rise. In the last decade there has been almost a 40% rise in the rate of divorce in France. A demography on divorce in France shows that one third of the marriages has ended in a divorce in the last decade. You are eligible to get a divorce in France only when you have a French citizenship or if both spouses are residents of the nation. The ground for a filing a divorce could either be 'mutual consent' or 'consent to divorce but not to consequences' The rest of the divorce procedures remain the same as followed in the western countries.

As per a recent statistics the crude marriage rate of France is 3.8 and the crude divorce rate is 2.1. The percentage rate of divorce to marriage is 55. These statistics will surely not give a very good feeling as an audience, however, the various measures to be taken by the officials should seem fruitful in the coming years.

France Divorce and Marriage Rate

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