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Divorce Rate in Finland

Divorce rates imply the number of marriages that dissolved or ended in a legal separation. In Finland, the divorce applications are required to be submitted to the court of law or the District Courts. The court may require a reconsideration period of about six months or require the couple to live separately for a period of 2 years before granting a divorce. .When granting a divorce the court also considers issues related to property distribution, the payments that a spouse has to pay related to the maintenance, as well as the decisions relating to the children custody and visitation rights.

Reduction in the number of marriages in Finland

As per the Statistics Finland's data on changes pertaining the number of marriages that took place in 2011 went down from 2010. There were 28,408 marriages that took place in 2011 which were 1,544 lesser than in 2010. The age group for which the marriage rate drastically dropped down was between those aged slightly over and a little below 30 years of age.

Number of marriages and divorces 1965-2011
Demographic Divorce and Marriage Trends in Finland

Most people are getting married to people born out of the country in the last decade. In 2010, 8 per cent of the brides who got married to men who were born in Finland, were born abroad while in early 1990s, this percent was much lower at 1 per cent. Similarly, 7 per cent of the grooms of ladies born in Finland, were born abroad which was just 1 per cent in 1990.

The number of divorces in 2009 and 2010 were almost the same. There were a total of 13,619 marriages which ended in a legal separation in 2010, which is 52 greater than in 2009. Since 2007, there is a great rise in the divorce rates in Finland. However, this increase is quite minor such that the divorce rate has not been greatly affected.

In 2010, the amount of contracted marriages remained almost the same as in 2009. Altogether 29,952 marriages took place in 2010, which is 116 greater than in the previous year. The share of first marriages dropped slightly, standing at 76 per cent. This percentage was at 77 per cent all throughout the first decade of 2000.

In 2011, the age for women entering into first marriage was 30.6 years while the same for men was 32.9 years. However, with time this age for first marriage for both men as well as women is increasing.

The number of divorces granted in 2011 was lower than in 2010. A total of 13,469 marriages ended in divorce in 2011, which is 150 fewer than 2010. 69 per cent of all the marriages which ended in divorce in 2011 happened to be first marriages for both the parties. In 1990, this figure stood at 80 per cent.

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